Have you observed that aquarius people are very depressed and sensible people and get hurt easily but never show it?

topic posted Sun, August 8, 2010 - 7:15 AM by  tim
my aquarius ex seems really depressed I tried to talk to her about it, she joked around, made some silly stories, messaged me at 4 in the morning and then just disappeared no contact since last 8 days, her phone is off .. I know that there is something wrong with her may be because she likes me and I like her too.. but what the hell is wrong with her.. and she is like the most sensible person ever, whats wrong with you aquarians,... why the hell do you drive yourself and the other person crazy
i asked her twice to get back together but she said no, she says she don't trust me but keeps coming back, like a little child... and i know she is very depressed about something but i don't think she will ever tell me, she also don't get along with her family
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    Ghost girl:oh well yeah it was my mistake too, I also treated her badly and ignored her when she needed me the most, I am a sag guy, once when she was clinging, long time back, I ignored her phone calls and gone out with my friends, I was dead drunk at that time and had sex with a strange girl..but later on I apologized to her for that and she said she need some time, she did forgive me but then after few days she started distancing herself and now she don't give me any attention( she used to give me a lot of attention before) and now she says do whatever you want.. but I am really sorry for all that mess, she says she don't trust me the way she used to. She also helped me with my coke addiction but now she thinks that I'm just a fucked up guy, I really miss her now I feel terrible
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    hello! As an Aquarian woman, I understand exactly where she's coming from. Sag guys drive all women crazy (except perhaps for Sag women. I don't know how intimate the two of you were (interpretation: how committed to each other), but I'm guessing she thought you were more committed than you actually were.

    Here's the problem: Sags (especially the menI) have something I call "Sags not being there" -- I don't know what it is about Sags, but you just have a habit of "not being there" when someone needs you. I don't think you do it deliberately. I think you just have so many people in your life that you just "forget" about others or you can't prioritize or you don't prioritize the way "normal" people prioritize in a "normal" relationship. Relationships with Sags are Never "normal." She needed you. Your friends "needed" you. You got drunk. A strange girl "needed" you. Now, a normal person would put his girlfriend's needs first but it seems like Sags are incapable of prioritizing like a normal person. It's almost like the last person you see is your priority. Almost out of sight, out of mind.

    Now, don't take this personally. Sags are amazing people. But most "normal" people don't expect their boyfriend to sleep with a stranger just because he gets drunk.

    As an Aquarian woman, I understand how much it took your girlfriend to trust you enough to love you and, especially, to show you her vulnerable side. We Aquarius women are pretty independent. We're pretty sensible. It's a big step for us to trust someone. You blew it. Of course, you apologized, but it seems Sags are ALWAYS apologizing. After a while, it gets old. Women start to wonder why Sags don't just watch their behavior in the first place so they don't have anything to apologize for. But then that would be contrary to Sag's nature.

    Now, the real problem here is ALL Sag: you want what you don't have. You can't reach her, you're afraid you've lost her, and that is driving you crazy. You want her. You want her because you can't reach her. That's what happens to Sags who just don't appreciate what they have and always looking over their shoulder at the next, better thing.

    Do this girl a favor: leave her alone and let her get over you. Maybe she'll find someone more a Leo or an Aries.
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    yeah I know its not the first time that I screwed everything but, she once said she loves me more than I think and I am the only guys she felt that karmic relation (in the beginning), so if she loved me before she still loves me now, and if she loves me she should take me back but things got so much worse now and I feel like I have lost the person who is so true and genuine, its hard for me to let her go,and now she says nothing can happen now and we can still be friends, but now she don't even treat me like a friend, she ignores me and don't share a thing with me

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